A Message from our Director

The University of Florida’s Graduate Program in Political Campaigning is a two-year program of study leading to a Master of Arts degree in political science, with a certificate attesting to… Read More…

Graduation Celebration Dinner 2019

Dinner at Harry’s with (most of) the Political Campaigning graduating class of 2019.​

2017 Lobbying Class Trip to Tallahassee

David Mica, adjunct professor and Executive Director of the Florida Petroleum Council, led a seminar in state lobbying which ended with a trip to Tallahassee for the Political Campaigning students.… Read More

2018-2020 Reflections and Projections Workshop

The annual Spring Reflections and Projections Workshop took place in January at the Hilton Hotel. There were two panels of noted academics, journalists, and political consultants that led a discussion… Read More…