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2017 Lobbying Class Trip to Tallahassee

David Mica, adjunct professor and Executive Director of the Florida Petroleum Council, led a seminar in state lobbying which ended with a trip to Tallahassee for the Political Campaigning students. Mr. Mica arranged for several guest speakers to address the class including: program alumna Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Samantha Sexton, Frontline Strategies Senior Strategist Matt Mohler, and Associate Vice President of Government Relations for the University of Florida Marion Hoffman. Following the morning of captivating speakers, the class was taken on a tour of the State Capitol. To wrap up the valuable trip, the students were given an inside look into the Florida Lottery. After observing a lottery drawing, they were given a tour of the facility conducted by Chief of Staff of the Florida Lottery David Mica Jr. The biennial trip provided the students with great insight into the inner workings of Tallahassee and how lobbying operates within the state government system.