In Media

This page features some of our professors’ work which has been featured in places outside of academic journals.


Dr. Stephen Craig

France24 on The Democratic Party

Eleventh-hour push poll spreads false claims about Bilirakis challenger Chris Hunter

Before the 2016 Florida Presidential primaries, Dr. Craig was interviewed on NewsMaxTV. See the video here.

Think Negative Campaign Ads Work? Think Again – Fiscal Times

The Permanently Cynical Voter – The Hill

Does Anybody Get It? – The Hill

What Issues Resonate with Florida Voters? – Fox News (Video)

Dr. Michael McDonald

1 million people have already voted in the Nov. 6 election

The Big Cost of Using Big Data – Washington Post

Dr. Daniel A. Smith

Party Competition is the Primary Driver of the Recent Increase in Restrictive Voter ID Laws in the American States –

When Florida Rolled Back Early Voting, Minority Voters were Especially Affected – Scholars Strategy Network

Dr. Kenneth Wald

Why Most American Jews Vote For Democrats Explained – Washington Post

Dr. Michael Martinez

Dr. Martinez on Australian Broadcasting Corporation news, covering the 2018 midterm election in Florida

To Join the Common Core or Not – Bureau of Economic and Business Research


Alumni Featured In The Media

Scott Simpson and Kevin Akins

Shawn Shaw staffs up for Attorney General bid

Carmen Beatriz Fernández

Joesph Napolitan and Bill Hamilton